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Sharon Stone is a household name. If you have watched movies at all from the last 30 years. Chances are you have seen something with Sharon Stone in it. Also most likely mistaken her for Charlize Theron multiple times. Let’s be real, it’s always a treat. Known for her roles in Basic Instincts, Casino, and about 90 other movies. Sharon Stone is probably still one of the hottest actresses known to man. Blonde, a total MILF, and sexy as hell, this chick has a killer bikini body. That put all these young bitches to shame. Check out these amazing nipples and under boob pics to get a taste.

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If I could have one wish, it would be to meet Sharon-Stone in person. If this is what she looks like on camera, I can’t imagine what she would look like in real life. I mean, holy shit, she’s got a banging body. That ass is amazing, and those tits are better than any set I’ve ever seen. Plus, with the talent and activism running through her blood, I’m sure she could qualm any conflict brewing inside your pants. Sharon, work out a peace agreement my dick, please!


This chick has done it all, so it’s no wonder that these images of Sharon Stone are super fucking hot. If a woman can win awards in drama, comedy, and be featured in Playboy, you know you’d miss out by not seeing these images.girls that want to fuck on snap
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