Park Choa

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Park Choa is known for her work within the South Korean television and music industry. She’s also one of the cute members from a K-Pop all-girl band, called AOA. Before finding fame, Choa studied business at college.

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Choa’s mother used to teach her how to play the piano and guitar at a young age. Park Choa has the most amazing petite boobs and nipples for an Asian girl ever. She’s often talked about keeping her shaved pussy always up to scratch for men.

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If you’re an ass guy, you probably want to find someone else though. Because it seems that her tits are doing all the work for her.

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If you’re lucky enough, you can catch Park Choa strolling topless in public after a drunk night on the town.

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She always forgets that most of her clothes turn to see through after a few hots. This is why we love her though, her nipple slips are always just waiting to be seen. live girls sponsored