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Seductive sultry eyed stunner Oona Chaplin has greatness in her genes. She is the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin and the great granddaughter of playwright Eugene O’Neil. It is a good thing that our celebrity Diva has also inherited good looks from her mother Geraldine Chaplin. Who also went full hot in Welcome to L.A 1977. Good looks are the aptitude for sexy bikini bodies in this family’s female relatives.

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Oona Chaplin defiantly makes it on our best ass photo list. Thanks for Game of Thrones series she broke into Hollywood really fast and got better movie roles.

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In this hot compilation scene movie she has full sex. And some pervert guy is watching her through a peephole from the other room. Knowing the pervert is watching and puts on a show for him. Oona Chaplin first appeared topless in the series MI-5. Which later on led to a spate of guest appearance on spooks. She also played supporting roles in the Quantum of solace and the Devil’s double. However she finally flashed her nipples & pussy off the old block when she got a role in the hit series Games of Thrones.


Here she casts as the beloved wife of Robb Stark Talisa. She is hot and has a fantastic body. In the sex scene where Robb gets to bang her. She carefully hides those nipples, but shows her ass for us. We could see everything from the back. It is definitely she cannot be compared to Clarke but Oona from the little we could see of her boobies we can rightfully tell that she has some juicy ones. She is only good in bed which now makes her combination perfect. She is hot, powerful as the wife of Robb stack and good in bed.girls that want to fuck on snap
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