Nathalie Emmanuel

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Now sexy Nathalie Emmanuel is one of those up and coming actresses. You know, the type that hasn’t really been in a lot of stuff but she is bound to go far because of her recent acting history. You know her from Furious 7 and as the Mother of Dragons (sexy Emilia Clarke) assistant in Game of Thrones.

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So, if you watch both of these quality Hollywood gems, you know she is fucking hot. I mean, this is the type of beauty you think about stalking. Check out these photos to understand why.

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Her tits are so fucking amazing. Like, I'm not sure if those puppies are fake, but holy cow I want to bury my face in them. And that ass is too good for words. I mean, clearly she has to do a lot of squats. Just like the rest of the Game of Thrones stars like Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams they all did hot scenes and have leaked photos leaked. That can't just be what her mother gave her. If it is, damn who is her momma? Really, she looks like a sweet girl, but these photos show a naughtier side. There are so many things I would love to do her. I wouldn't be the one saying no if I saw her on the street! If you like black celebrities then you must see Halle Berry ultimate photos collection!


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