Myla Dalbesio

Gorgeous Myla Dalbesio Flaunts Her Leaked Tits + Nipples On Film

Myla Dalbesio is an American model and a writer. In 2013, she published a book titled Born Rich. She is also known for posing for several magazines including Tush and Love magazine.

Beautiful Myla Dalbesio Gets Wild, Topless, And See-Through For The World

We all know that once you're considered a regular-sized model basically means she's fat. However, you will have to agree with me that her bikini body is so hot that you will not stop checking out her bikini shots. It gets better since we have full frontal and topless pics from her.

Myla Dalbesio Reveals Her Incredibly Fit Bikini Body

Damn! Those are such big boobs Myla has to be honest. Not that I'm complaining, I definitely wouldn't mind sucking those pink nipples and putting those huge titties on my face.

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