Monica Cruz

Topless Monica Cruz Vacation Photos Leaked by Paparazzi

The lovely Monica Cruz is a Spanish actress and a fashion designer. You might have noticed her in the 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean as the double of her sister. Her older sis is Penelope Cruz and we all lover her sibling but to me honestly she is way hotter with firm tits and small little nipples.

Cleavage Exposed in Dress Pics of Monica Cruz

Cruz enjoys parading her perfect sexy body at the beach. In a series of pictures we have collected for you, you will definitely fall in love with this Spanish queen. Too bad these are the only pictures we manage to collect of her. However, there are few others where you will get a chance to see her tiny boobs.

Monica Cruz Pussy Slip Pictures Spreading Legs in Bikini

Being a fashion designer and a dancer, the babe has ensured she has remained in good shape over the years. Check out these sexy ass photos of her and tell me whether she is not killing them. Sure Monica is not as famous as Sarah Shahi or Jennifer Lopez for their big Latina asses. But then on the other hand she is from Spain and its a different ball game. Monica Cruz Pussy Slip Pictures Spreading Legs in Bikini

Monica Cruz Ass in See-through Photo

This is especially true for those where she is in her lingerie. Too bad we failed to get a view of her pussy spread. However I can guarantee you it is just a matter of time. Really love her  see-through dress where we can clearly see that butt and her sexy curves.  live girls sponsored