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Cocktails make the best drinks and so are mixed cultures. Religions races or just having a blend of different people in your blood. Miranda Kerr is a product of Serbian, Persian, Filipino and Australian. After inning a modeling contest in 1997. She became the first Victoria’s Secret’s model from Australia like Iggy Azalea rapper ass.  Her interview with Miranda is very beautiful and sexy and she knows this.

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This is the main reason she always nothing for imagination in her photos-shoots. There are so many ass of Miranda Kerr out there and she will not stop there. To be honest Kylie Jenner wishes had ass like this of Miranda. She is the finest thing you can ever think of banging and this makes you wonder, what Orlando Boom was looking for when he decided to leave her I mean, you just don’t leave such piece of ass just like that that. Miranda has done so many racy shoots in her time and if you think she gives a hoot what people think then you should catch a glimpse of the Harper’s Bazaar Australia where the 32 year old posses completely without wearing anything for the magazine with a tagline “ What lies beneath.” We have also seen her posing hot for GQ magazine we are still scraping our jaw up off the floor and you can’t be this sexy and not pose for playboy. ‘Yes she has also posed topless for Playboy. She gave the world a look at her impossibly hot body without the sexy underwear in a hot spread like Miley Cyrus for the magazine. Born Miranda May Kerr on 20th April 1983 is an Australian model and entrepreneur. In 2007, she modeled for the label Victoria’s Secret. She is also contracted to the Australian department store chain David Jones and she has also launched her own brand. Of organic skincare products, KORA Organics.


Our favorite Miranda Kerr NSFW pics are the ones taken by the paparazzi at the beach. Showing her topless nothing but a pink dotted bikini bottom. She is just some sort of a goddamn goddess!!live girls sponsored