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Often times women who wrestle can be a bit bulky. Maybe even a little bit intimidating because they are so big, so strong, and just a lot of woman to handle. It takes a special kind of man to hold his own with a woman like that, but we’re up for the challenge. Miesha Tate nude selfies makes us probably the first chick we’d go after. Holy shit, is that chick lustful or what. As mixed martial artist and UFC champion, Miesha Tate can put us in a headlock any time.
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Seriously, look at this woman’s body. Just look at it. Those curves run for days and I’d like to drive my hands all over them. She’s got perfect tits, the kind that aren’t so huge but are still big enough to motor boat just like with UFC fighter Gina Carano breasts and body is amazing. And that ass is exceptional. All that lifting and squatting has really done wonders for this woman. I can only imagine the sex with her would be rough, and I’m so wiling to take the challenge. She’s intensely gorgeous and these lustful images have us lustful and ready to go like Krispie Kreme.


Clearly these photos of Miesha Tate are one of a kind. You don’t seem women like that everyday. Now if only more women could be like this in real life.

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