Michelle Bombshell McGee

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Michelle Bombshell McGee is an American tattoo artist and a model. She is best known for her role in ensuring Sandra Bullock and Jesse James breakup after having an affair with him in the year 2009. If your into suicide type of girls then Ruby Rose, Kitty Ray, Krissy Mae, Christy Mack, Sara X Mills tattooed sluts will make you cum.

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Perhaps she did that to gain popularity, but afterwards, everyone wanted to see what this tattooed woman had to offer. Well, as you can see, this lass has large fake boobs that kept men cheating on their better halves.

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Just from her name, she has a bombshell back there and used to strip at the local strip club. No wonder she is very comfortable in her skin flaunting that ass from time to time. Check out her photos and trust me you will love her side boob too.

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It doesn’t change anything to know that they are fake as you will get hard with the thought of sucking those nipples. Unfortunately, we were unable to find her real pussy pics. Perhaps we just need to dig dipper into Jesse James phone. live girls sponsored