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Michelle Batista da Silva is a Brazilian actress. She is best known for her role as Alicia in the “High school Musical: O Desafio”. I’ve always had a thing for Brazilian women and looking at this particular sexy bikini body, you will understand why. Yes Michelle is not Alessandra Ambrosio or STpeach with the huge hips and butt cheeks, but hey Batista is cute and sexy.

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There are several sex scenes where she appears baring nothing at all. The red head will have you wish you had her in your arms. Then fucking the hell out of that wet juicy dripping pussy. Interestingly, she not only loves dicks but she goes both ways. In one of the scenes, we see her g down on threesome and boy oh boy. As for Camilla Belle she does not do hot lesbian scenes like Michelle on the other hand loves getting her kitty licked.

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The babe also features in a lesbian scene. Where she also eats ass and finger the life out of each other. Ho-la-la if you are into girls and you are girl. Trust me, you will want this one to work on you. While Gisele Bundchen strip searches you playing a Brazilian cop in her low budget TV series.

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Michelle Batista has an amazing ass. Luckily for you, you have the opportunity to be your own judge by viewing these videos from the scenes. As for more Rio de Janeiro kitty cat out there Morena Baccarin and Adriana Lima spreading it wide open for every pervert out there. live girls sponsored