Maura Tierney

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Maura Tierney is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Helen Solloway in the series “The Affair”. The title  is self-explanatory quite frankly. In this case, Maura has found herself hooking up with both men and women. This scene with Emily Browning is just amazingly steamy. With both celebs being totally without any cloth and getting it on lesbian style.

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Good thing she gets to flaunt her flat boobs on the screens. She looks shit with those flat jugs. No wonder she doesn’t mind going topless all the time. While trying to flaunt those sharp nipples. The now 54-year old had a sexy bikini body back then. Now all she has is wrinkly arms with an ugly side boob. In this scene she really takes a pounding to her pussy and ass whole those legs lifted in the air.

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You will have to give applaud her for her firm ass. Unfortunately, there is no pussy pic of her anywhere. Maura Tierney doesn't have a bikini body anymore. It is something about age and I know you will never understandlive girls sponsored