Matilda De Angelis

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The 24-year old Matilda De Angelis is an Italian actress. She is best known for her role as Britta in the movie “The Prize”. She has also appeared in the movie “Italian Race” as Giulia. Being an actress, the babe has found herself featuring in NSFW scenes. In the movie “Youtopia”, you will get to see her natural boobs. Wish we would see Scarlett Johansson wandering the woods topless like this.

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We have a video of her doing a teaser to a webcam before she gets rid of her ugly shirt and goes topless. Just when we thought we had seeing enough of her, she caresses her rock hard nipples. If that doesn't get you hard, then you will have to jerk off to her small ass. This is because the babe is selfish to show off her pussy like the rest of the celebrities in Hollywood who just put it all out there.

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Luckily, her side boobs aren't a turn off and I assure you that you will go goo-goo about those lovely tits. Sadly she denies us a chance of her pussy. Too bad Matilda De Angelis. We could have made better memories girls sponsored