Mariah Carey

Maria Carey Nip Slip

Getting babies was the best thing that ever happened to Mariah Carey. I know most of you do not get why I am saying this but those babies transformed Mariah’s body to something else. She is a perfect sex symbol and apparently, her boobies were enlarged to their full size. Since she had her kids, Mariah has had so many nip slips compared to the number she has had for her entire life. Apparently, her huge melons have refused to stay in their bra and they are struggling to rebel against their natural habitat. Carey has had a number of nip slips especially when she is in her swim suit or when she is in a dress on the red carpet with other celebrities. Most of the time, she needs to let loose the boobies so that somehow they breath and yes doctors advice, “Don’t keep them too locked up”.


However, these advice came in handy for people with a Mariah-Carey fetish as she ended up having a number of nip slips. It is interesting to note that unlike Paris Hilton who is not new to nip slips, Mariah tries as much as possible not to have slips but too bad he boobies are just too rebellious to girls sponsored