Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless Tits & Ass Sex Scene Video

If you were a 90’s fanatic, or watched television at all during that time, you will probably recognize the name Lucy Lawless immediately. Known most for her sexy ass role in Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy is just about every 90’s male dirty hot fantasy. I mean, a chick who goes from farm girl to Amazon warrior? Those are probably two of the best role play options us horny guys can ask for. Lucy Lawless does it flawlessly, and puts everyone to shame in these amazingly hot photos.

Leaked Lucy Lawless Cleavage & Pussy Photos

Now at the ripe age of 48, Lucy is a MILF and a half with her three kids. I mean, fuck, this chick still looks like she did in her Xena days. She’s got good genes. But seriously, Lucy-Lawless has the best ass and most perfect tits known to man. And that pussy? Flawless. She’s so incredibly amazing that she has a fucking cult following. With her bad ass roles, it’s not even a question that she’s got a whorish side. I mean, come on. Do you think Xena is tame in bed? No way! She’d probably tie you up and fuck you senseless, making you scream for more.


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