Looking For Curvy Girls by Nene Leakes

That’s right, my clothing line is coming soon on CelebMasta shopping section! I am lookin for Curvy Girls! If you got what it takes here’s the casting info! Looking For Curvy Girls | Celeb Masta ~ NeNe Leakes 136 Comments Miss Mathis I’m not curvy, but I am bustee October 31 at 9:03am / Log in to Reply Evoy Levine Am curvy, 5″7 and live in Atlanta, I will be there, thank you November 8 at 10:54am / Log in to Reply Stacysobeautiful Adell I’m not curvy, but I will sew my butt off if you need workers… October 31 at 9:32am / Log in to Reply E’Lonah SO Snobbedout I’m not either of the above but if you need help behind the scenes hit me up!!! October 31 at 9:40am / Log in to Reply kimberly im curvey but im short though October 31 at 9:48am / Log in to Reply shayla D Send your pic in anyways she might like your look im curvy but 5’3 1/2 im gonna try October 31 at 6:04pm / Log in to Reply civery Where do you send pics to??? November 8 at 3:57am / Log in to Reply THUNDA Hello Mrs. Gregg Leakes.. I am so Happy some1 with class is coming out with clothes for curvy women.. I’m sho nuff curvy. LoL…I have friends that are too. We have such a hard time finding sexy, professional,etc…. cute clothing..The holidays are sure coming and we want clothing that fits out character, NOT what they have to offer.. I Love you NeNe you KEEP it so R E A L with Sistas… HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know and we are sure to represent you and your line of clothing.. Will you have lingerie, undergarments too? Just asking. Cause IF I know you like I think I do——you will have it.. Love you.. Have a Blessed Day October 31 at 9:49am / Log in to Reply mshollywood Does curvy still mean a flat stomach Ne Ne? October 31 at 9:51am / Log in to Reply Tia Lee Moreno I can be 5’7″ and taller with heels! 🙂 October 31 at 10:07am / Log in to Reply mshollywood Lord NeNe I just thought about something; that line is going to be around the corner. I visited Atlanta back in July and I had to go Bar One and it is a bit small. I did next a picture next to Cynthia’s Mural though. Nice place just small.. October 31 at 10:08am / Log in to Reply Angela Nash hey Mrs. LEAKES! 😉 I am so happy for you..I am a huge fan!..and I’m def. curvy..and would love to come out..but I’m stuck up here in cold MN! .congratulations on your new clothing line!..I’ll be watching for it!..and btw….your wedding was BEAUTIFUL! ? October 31 at 10:11am / Log in to Reply tonim615 Do one in illinois at peoria civic center October 31 at 10:15am / Log in to Reply Saleemah Msskinnyfiber Unfortunately, I live in Florida and can’t make your event. Wishing you could expand your search to my area because I have the look you need 🙂 October 31 at 10:15am / Log in to Reply TheFabulousMsTee Dang I’m curvy but 5’6 I’m 5’8-5’9 in my heels.. Dang NeNe October 31 at 10:18am / Log in to Reply Valencia CocoCredit I would love to wear anything for NENE!!! Im a thick 5’9″ mother of 3 from Louisiana… Curvy fits me well October 31 at 10:42am / Log in to Reply Bianca C Smith i would love to work with you im pulse size but you cant tell i depends on how im dressed i always wanted to do this and yes hunny im curvy lol ….love and congrats on the line October 31 at 10:45am / Log in to Reply christylove1968 Sure hate I have to miss that! I’m confident that I have the look. Too bad I’m in Dallas, TX. Please have a online shopping because I would like to purchase some of those holey jeans. You love that comfortable but yet classy look and so do I. October 31 at 11:00am / Log in to Reply Toni Jones I can’t wait till your line hit the stores! October 31 at 11:00am / Log in to Reply kaylynn I would be perfect!! To bad I live in Jersey): Cause hunnie I’m definitely the one to represent!! Team NeNe!! October 31 at 11:14am / Log in to Reply kaylynn I forgot I’m 5’9…that’s without the heels!! Flat stomach!! October 31 at 11:17am / Log in to Reply JaThomas06 Where do we send out pics to? November 3 at 1:47pm / Log in to Reply TiJay Staar I’m in Cali, Nene!!!! I have an athletic body and competed for 18yrs. I also ran against Marion Jones in high school. I’m not tall, but my character helps. I would love to be a part of this! I also have some music for you. God bless, YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME! Thanks, Cynthia for reppin with and for your girl! Love you, Nene October 31 at 11:16am / Log in to Reply Selina I love to but I live I the UK I have all you need October 31 at 11:17am / Log in to Reply Rjo The Brand Wit Style Im Curvy Sexxy at the same damn time and will straight rock that shit. October 31 at 11:24am / Log in to Reply sdavis If it was in Albuquerque, New Mexico I would try out! 🙂 October 31 at 11:57am / Log in to Reply Nudewit3 Hello Mrs Leakes, I would like to start off by saying that I LOVE YOU and Greg and that I am VERY interested in becoming a model for your new clothing line. Im 31years old standing 6’2 and a size 16 stretch lol, im well proportioned and curved in the right places. I live in Virginia Beach now and im soooo mad because I just moved here from GA not too long ago. I always wanted to be a model but ppl always said I was too thick and now I suppose thats whats in but I’ve always been whats in so 😉 ’ Well if I dont hear back in anyway from you or your team I wish you and your team all the success that you’ve worked so hard for. Stay Blessed love and im glad you and Kim are at peace!!!! Loved the wedding it was BEAUTIFUL! October 31 at 12:28pm / Log in to Reply Annette Johnson Hi NeNe and Cynitha! NeNe I am a woman who is 5’7″ tall, curvy, with a smile that light up any room that I walk into! I am going to try to fly, travel by bus or car to try out for model search!!! Thank you for out a line of clothing for curvy women! Because it is truly needed! I hope to see you both soon! Blessing and more riches to you NeNe! Love ya in Christ, Annette Johnson Lansing, MI October 31 at 1:20pm / Log in to Reply love2bme Hi NeNe im the girl u need jus holla at me and i promise i wont let u down and u may not be lookn for a nother besr friend but i gurantee when u meet me u will want me to be ur best friend bc i believe in being real and i don’t mind correcting a person if they catch me wrong or they in the wrong but (let me come back) i am a good person and look damn good in my clothes so i know i will look like a star in yours. luya October 31 at 1:31pm / Log in to Reply LeShay1 Hey Mrs Leakes long time no see!!! Yes we met years ago in Dallas, Tx n downtown at club Drama for a Nene Leakes look-alike contest that u were the judge of and I would up winning!! I was so happy to meet you because of your personality is so exciting and outgoing just like mine.. I felt that I truly deserve to win the look-alike contest because just like you I’m not too big and not too small curvy in all the right places! I would love to be a part of your new upcoming clothing line Because just like Cynthia Bailey I have modeling experience and I know how to work it and be seen! Hopefully you remember meeting me and remember my body type because I haven’t changed. I have an hourglass shape figure and I consider myself to be pretty photosgenic so hopefully I will have an opportunity to show you what I can do… I’m going to try to make it to the auditions but hopefully you remember who IM and be looking out for me. Check out my Facebook page actually I have two pages one as Minaja Fearce and one as VeggiechefLeShay I do this because I’m partially a model and I’m also a chef so I have to have a professional page but there you can see how I look. Hope u like me!!! Can’t wait to show u my walk!!! October 31 at 1:59pm / Log in to Reply Prince Jarvis Mrs. NeNe Leakes, you doing big things. Can’t wait to see your clothing collection. Best wishes to all the curvy girls who will be attending the casting. October 31 at 2:04pm / Log in to Reply fbunkley Hi Nene, I’m the one, short and very hippie. I have a flat stomach after 2 xplant. I think I look good after surviving 2 liver xplant!!!! October 31 at 2:34pm / Log in to Reply Mzsassynira Hey Mrs Nene Leaks I’m a very curvy woman!!!I would love to model your clothing line…can’t wait to see what u have comin out for us thicky thick girls!!!! October 31 at 3:41pm / Log in to Reply ladylibra55 I would love to wear or model your clothes line, 5’8 and FAB but unfortunately I am in NY. Please let me know when your coming to NY and scouting for models. Always want to do modeling…. October 31 at 3:44pm / Log in to Reply fatandfaubulous I DON’T STAY IN ATLANTA BUT I FEEL AS THOUGH I’M THE PERFECT CANDIDATE I’M CURVY & FABULOUS I HAVE A GUT AND THICK THIGHS BUT THERE’S NOTHING A GIRDLE OR SPANKS COULDN’T HIDE…! October 31 at 3:45pm / Log in to Reply agatha25 omg i would be perfect for this but too bad im in england would have loved to come ….. October 31 at 3:54pm / Log in to Reply lisalisacu Hello Mrs .Nene Leaks , funny how I was just talking to my daughter about how I wanted to get into modeling ,Im a plus size and not a professional model ! I enjoy taking pictures and I have style ! I live in kentucky and willing to travel to Atlanta ! Dont know where Im going in Atlanta but will find it ! My daughter told me mom here is your chance ! My daughter is very stylish too but she is pregnant ,she will have the baby in rwo weeks ! She said mom maybe she could start an upscale maturity clothing line !! I love your style hope to get to meet you soon !!! October 31 at 4:11pm / Log in to Reply regina blackwell Hi NeNe my name is Regina Blackwell and I’m 50 year young 5’7 and curvy. I would love to be a part of your team and represent your clothing line. I am curvy. Pic are available October 31 at 4:13pm / Log in to Reply mxwllshelly_28 Hi my name is Shelly and I’m not real curvy but I’m curvy enough to rock your clothes for you and whatever else u need me to do. I’m a big fan so I used to model so I got what it takes to do it. Thank u October 31 at 4:16pm / Log in to Reply Felisha Johnson Gurllll all I can say is…ur my SheRo…and I love u…God bless October 31 at 4:20pm / Log in to Reply Lady bug Well I’m curvy I wish I can model for you Nene October 31 at 4:33pm / Log in to Reply Shaundra Nicole I am there! Not a size 10, but a curvy, 5’9 1/2 size 4-6! Yay! I can’t wait! October 31 at 5:21pm / Log in to Reply CurvyGirlsRock Mrs. Leakes!!!! If you’re looking for a beautiful and classy curvy girl, I’m your model! October 31 at 5:29pm / Log in to Reply Cemenow Sea I might come through. I am all curves baby but you will be the judge of that. October 31 at 5:36pm / Log in to Reply scott Girls only? http://www.facebook.com/DiamondDedeDupree October 31 at 5:37pm / Log in to Reply VannaBlack I am a curvy woman but it is not out of control so I think I have what it takes. H-5/3 B-36B W-32 S S-7 1/2 or 8 October 31 at 5:44pm / Log in to Reply jlavee Hey Nene Im Jill Head and a 6 foot curvy glamazon Id love to work with you on your new line I’m a former model and now I’m a Makeup Artist so check me out I’m a friend of Lexis she comes to see me for brows and lashes sometimes…so Id love to work with you! October 31 at 5:56pm / Log in to Reply sunshinelady Hello Mrs. Leakes, I would love to be a part of your castng call. I have been modeling since 1984, and its a passion that I have always had. I used to be slim but now I am voluptuous in size, and if you don’t mind a 22/24 rocking your styles I will rip the runway for you. I am participating in a fashion show in Columbus Ga hosted by Rasheeda of Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta, and if you are not busy please come check out the show November 17, 2013 at the Columbus Trade Center at 7 pm. Thanks for the curvy styles. And may God continue to bless you in your success. October 31 at 5:57pm / Log in to Reply cHErISe Well hello Mrs. Leakes! For starters, I would like to congratulate you and Greg on giving love & commitment one more try and I wish you two nothing but good vibes and blessings your way! My name is cHErISe and I am so excited to be apart of your journey towards finding the perfect models for your new clothing line! Here are my credentials: 5’7; Size 14; Very Curvaceous; 3 1/2 heel fanatic; and I reside in the beautiful city of ATLANTA! I look forward to meeting you and your staff on November 13th! 🙂 October 31 at 6:14pm / Log in to Reply mella_rosa Hey Nene! Get ready because your gonna LOVE ME! I would love to showcase your new line of clothing! Im Big and beautiful a force to be reckon with lol. My looks are very versatile and sellable (Cha-ching$$) Please let me know where I can submit my photos and info. Im excited about your new clothing line . It would be a humble honor to participate in such an amazing movement in the fashion industry October 31 at 7:39pm / Log in to Reply Andree Please pick me October 31 at 7:52pm / Log in to Reply MzStylez_ nene if yu need a stylish or a assistant pls e-mail me thank yu ist October 31 at 8:19pm / Log in to Reply sherrt I’m ready…220pds…5″10 October 31 at 8:30pm / Log in to Reply Monique Harvey YES LORD IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS IM BIG FAN OF URS N I WILL LOVE TO WEAR UR LINE THINK UR JUST FAB N LOVE UR STYLE IM 5/5 N CURVES IN ALL THA RIGHT PLACES WIT A PRETTY FACE THAT GOES ALONG WAY . October 31 at 9:01pm / Log in to Reply Monique Harvey OH I FORGOT IM FRM PHILLY BUT WILL LOVE TO MAKE THA EVENT I LOVE THA ATL. October 31 at 9:05pm / Log in to Reply Shantel Aimar Nene I’m what you what. October 31 at 9:03pm / Log in to Reply Lovelife Great job…Congrats 2 U……keep up the good work and going after your dreams..:) October 31 at 9:43pm / Log in to Reply yahvette Hello NeN Congrats to you and Greg, and congrats to you on your personal success. I would love to model your clothes. I am 5’11, 200lbs, 53 years old. Must see to believe. Is there any way that I can submit pictures to you? I am from a small town called Broussard in Louisiana. This would be a dream come true for me, especially at my age I need this. OMG, What a dream come true this would be. I always wanted something like this, but I thought it was yo late for me. Thanks in advance NeNe. Yvette October 31 at 9:48pm / Log in to Reply tata939594 NeNe Congrats October 31 at 11:29pm / Log in to Reply Treva Townsend68 Hello Mrs.Nene!!!! Sounds wonderful im5/8″ And would love to meet you and model your clothing…im available come to Atlanta please contact. Me if intersted…Thank you dear.;))) November 1 at 12:50am / Log in to Reply humblelady Hello Mrs.Leakes i am from Louisville, Ky i would love to show off your new clothing . Blessing it will be for me and my sons. I am ready for a change pick me i will do my best….. November 1 at 3:36am / Log in to Reply juanita Hi NeNe! I Loved Your Beautiful Wedding. I’m going to try my best to make this audition.I’m 36 an I’m 5″11 with the right curves(size 14). I love them an so does my husband. November 1 at 4:38am / Log in to Reply mtown321 I would love to model your clothes line for you this would be a real pick me up we lost our mother almost four moths ago November 1 at 5:19am / Log in to Reply mtown321 Tell Diana she still looks the same haven’t seen her since Faith Temple COGIC November 1 at 5:21am / Log in to Reply yummycakesme this is something I would love to do. is there any way I could send pixs of myself… thanks so much November 1 at 7:53am / Log in to Reply docious23 Hello Mrs Leakes! I am 5’7″ i wear 9-10 however i reside in Northern California! Its a blessing for you to help out females whom was too short to pursue a carrer in modeling in the past! i would love to work underneath your name of fame. Hopefully in the near future you are willing to do casting calls on the west coast in the near future! congrats on your 2nd time around with your main man i love 2nd chances and your wedding was beautiful! thank you for just allowing other women with this opportunity! November 1 at 9:25am / Log in to Reply Lmoore82 I would love to model your clothing line I am 5’9 & curvy I’m just too far way..I am a Louisiana girl! But I love me some Nene maybe next time. November 1 at 9:56am / Log in to Reply vangie Im a big fan of ur and people always say that i remind them of u. Well im a curvy woman but im only 5-6. I would love the opportunity to work with u November 1 at 9:57am / Log in to Reply ladytexas I am so excited at this opportunity. I live in Texas but I am driving 15 hours to Atlanta for this casting!! This is a dream come true, what God has for me it is for me!! #GodFavorsMe November 1 at 10:31am / Log in to Reply jtjabrael Is there also an audition in Fl, I would love to try for this opportunity but the commute at the last minute is a lot? Ive been waiting on an opportunity like this. PLEASE help! November 1 at 11:26am / Log in to Reply Prior4life Hello Mrs. Leakes, I would love to audition!! Do we need to RSVP or anything. November 1 at 12:54pm / Log in to Reply rrender Just wondering if experience is needed? November 1 at 12:56pm / Log in to Reply Crystalbey If I could walk in heels I sure would be down there, I wish you NeNe all the best and will support you when the clothing line comes out. I love you girl and very, very proud of you. November 1 at 7:30pm / Log in to Reply anetrajackson Hi Mrs.Leaks my name is Anetra and I would first like to say to God be the glory!!!! bcuz he has touched one of his angels in wanting to give single mothers like my self a chance to live her child hood dream!!!!!!!!!! I’m a 39yr old mother of four beautiful daughters inwhich one graduated last year, one coming out next year going straight into the military!!!!!!! leaving me with two to go. This has been a long and hard road to walk, but by Gods grace and his mercy I’m still here:):):) and I thank him for second chances!!!!!!!!!!!!! bcuz I have a one in a million chance to come from charlotte Nc down to the Big ATL for the very first time ever and walk for my favorite reality tv star!!!!!!!!! with my signature walk on her runway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good:):). I’m standing at 5’11 flat foot, 6’2- 6’4 depending on the heel size, 36D in my bust area, my waist is a 14-16 petite, my hips are very curvy, my torso is long, my buttocks has just enough toot, to compliment my entire body frame:), my skin is flawless with no blemishes or spots!!!!! I have exactly what you are looking for and what it takes to be a full size curvy model that comes with a beautiful smile and a fierce look for your runway!!!!! When I walk in the room my presence changes the whole atmosphere starting with the holy ghost and my beauty that comes with it. I’ve had the chance to walk in my very first fashion show on the runway back home and did a fabulous job!! So I have a little experience that I can work with while learning new things, and I’m a fast learner that catches on quickly. I’m so excited bcuz there has been people in my past who talked about my struggle and said that I wouldn’t make it, but to God be the glory bcuz do to his angel Mrs NENE LEAKS hunty!!!!!!! I’m gonna step out on FAITH and lean on our Farther and I’m coming to see you boo:):) love you and ill see you soon!!!! November 2 at 6:25am / Log in to Reply sapphira Hi Mrs.Leaks my name is Sapphira and I would love to model your clothing line for u because I love your style that’s one of the reason I look at the show to see what u r wearing …..love you NeNe November 2 at 7:17pm / Log in to Reply bodaciousme Can’t wait to bless your clothing line with all this fabulosity! See you at the casting call NeNe! November 3 at 12:01pm / Log in to Reply JaThomas06 Do we just show up or do we send in pictures?? November 3 at 1:49pm / Log in to Reply Feliciamccants1 I’m 42 yrs old with a big bootyay. I think with a lil work on my belly, I’m in there. I have a Facebook page but only shows my face. Go to FeliciaMarie on Facebook in Pensacola Florida…. If you are asking for full body image just inbox me. I’ll try to get them on there. Thanks Mrs Leaks November 4 at 1:26am / Log in to Reply lscott1232 I would love to be a part of your success by being a part of your clothing line. Please contact me @ [email protected] November 4 at 7:25am / Log in to Reply mhuff586 hi my name is MELISSA ALEXANDER- HUFF AND IM DEFINITLY A BEAUTIFUL FUL FIGURED CURVY GIRL FROM DETROIT MI. I CURRENTLY RESIDE IN ORLANDO SUNNY FLORIDA AND I WOULDLOVE TO ADDITION A D TRY OUT FOR YOU CLOTHING LINE AND REPRESENT YOU I THE SINCERE GREATEST WAY I CAN IM 5’8 CHEST 42DD AND PORPOSIONED IM A SIZE 16=18 BUT I LOVE ME GOD MADE ME IN HIS IMAGINE. MY EMAIL IS [email protected] and my number is 586 339 8404 or 586 447 2543 thank you melissa alexander=huff November 4 at 10:35pm / Log in to Reply Anita Owens-Walker Hi NeNe, I’m a working Mom and full time student, live in Alabama. I am an Aspiring Plus Size model, just did a Fashion Show and a commercial here in Mobile. I have no way of getting to ATL through the week for the casting. Will you accept photos/vids of our runway walk? Don’t mean to brag but I bring the house down when I hit that runway!! If selected, I would definitely make sure I’m there for rehearsals and for the show! Thanks! [email protected] November 5 at 11:44am / Log in to Reply Lilliana WillbeAlright Roman I was told that 30 was the limit for being a plus- size model. Is that true? I am 38 and curvy. I would love to be part of your sensational style. November 5 at 5:55pm / Log in to Reply Napheteria Perdue Mrs.Leaks I would love to audition for your FABULOUS**** clothing line for curvy woman I live in Kentucky and have full support of my family,friends,&community to make this dream come to light! Thanks and will see you soon! November 5 at 9:44pm / Log in to Reply Napheteria Perdue I can be reached at [email protected]/859-684-4494 please let me know what exactly I need to do to be in the running for this casting I greatly appreciate the opportunity THANK YOU! November 5 at 9:51pm / Log in to Reply Napheteria Perdue Oops*** typo error it’s [email protected] November 5 at 9:52pm / Log in to Reply Kannon Im 5’11, Curvy and Ill be there. #thickchick #plussize #plussizemodel. – Kannon November 6 at 12:35pm / Log in to Reply Linda Ward I wish I was in ATL….. 5’4 AND LOVING EVERY CURVE GOD BLESSED ME WITH November 7 at 5:46pm / Log in to Reply LUCKYME HI IM THINK AND CURVY AND I FEEL I CAN BRING SEXY-NESS TO THE GAME AS A CURVY THINK BLACK WOMEN, I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT FOR YOUR LINE. November 7 at 5:47pm / Log in to Reply Blackgirlrock Peterson I’m 5’7 and I’m very curvy I will be there November 7 at 5:48pm / Log in to Reply amandakduck It’s too bad that I’m all the way in M.O. or I would love to be there. That would be a great Veterans Day present. I would love to have you as an inspiration on how to rock clothes and be a country girl diva. Thanks for developing a line for us we need options, hope I can afford. November 7 at 5:50pm / Log in to Reply tess4god Nude, fabulous, 5’9″, curvasious………..but in TX! November 7 at 5:51pm / Log in to Reply pernellamcdowell What’s all this Atlanta stuff….NYC is the place for this line!!! That way I could audition for your curvy line! You tried it!!! November 7 at 5:54pm / Log in to Reply Niquissweet Hello NeNe!! My is Nikki and I currently live and own a hair salon in Pittsburgh Pa. I am a beautiful curvy woman and I believe I have what it takes to represent YOU!! I will see you Wednesday!! November 7 at 5:57pm / Log in to Reply Catrina Jones I’m so perfect for this clothes line but I’m in LA how do I participate way out here ? November 7 at 6:08pm / Log in to Reply Maelee Hello Mrs.Nene I like to think I got all you need momma im thick have curves and would love to work with you I’ve done alil modeling befor but would love to do more and see where I could take things and I feel yiu would be a great person to start out with if you’ll have me November 7 at 6:13pm / Log in to Reply E.Ford75 Mrs.NeNe you have got the right one baby although I may live in Virginia, I’m the right, I’m big, beautiful and of yes did I mention fabulous. I’m what your looking for. So look no further because I’m right here. November 7 at 6:15pm / Log in to Reply sekira stop I am NOT curvy but, I am a big and beautiful young lady with a beautiful big smile. I have a big heart and a lot of love to show. So pick me Erica Marie and I will make you happy as can be. peace and love [email protected] (502) 803-2155 November 7 at 6:35pm / Log in to Reply jimmy001 Hello Mrs. Leaks, I would like to congratulate you first and foremost. Your wedding gown was like no other (dangerous in a good way). Your son’s was to darn handsome, and Mr. Leaks showed up and showed out..I like that in him.. He loves you darling..I would love to be in your fashion show,but by me living in Wisconsin almost not possible.. if you ever come to the midway find me. I also do a remarkable job on makeup.. Thank you Mrs Leaks for the opportunity. . Peace November 7 at 6:44pm / Log in to Reply nujoy4me I would Love to represent your clothing line, how ever I’m in California. ..what could we do about that? And yes I am full figured! November 7 at 6:54pm / Log in to Reply montanasnap I just wish you all the luck, love and a knock out on this wonderful journey! Please dont forget us 5’4 peeps! We need your clothes line too! I have spoken with you and Andy a few times and you sent me the kindest note! Still waiting for my shoes, lunch and cocktail dress! Love NeNe, your realest fan! November 7 at 6:58pm / Log in to Reply BlessedbyGod Edwards I’m a Curvy Plus Size Model..And I know she wants models to be 5″7 or taller.. Im only 5″3 Im going to go and walk the runway like Im 5″7.. Watch out Talls here comes a Small..lol November 7 at 7:03pm / Log in to Reply koolsista50 damn 5’8 50years old size 14 and fabulous,did runway back in the day but damn why did the casting call have to be in ATL 🙂 moved to Mississippi and not use to driving on the dark back road woods lol…..good lucky ladies BECAUSE If I was there oweeee I would show you youngster how to be fab,classy,sassy and a walk to die for 🙂 November 7 at 7:30pm / Log in to Reply koolsista50 photos’s on gravatar acct. November 7 at 8:52pm / Log in to Reply Karen Alexander I’m 5’9 and a plus size 18 woman. Very well portioned. November 7 at 8:04pm / Log in to Reply Patrice 70 My name is Patrice Marsh I’m 5’7 and I’m a size 14. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. .Beauty, Fashion and Make up, is my life… I’m a cosmetology teacher,high school as well as College level. ..I’m all about style, grace, class and more style…. Beauty is what i do!!!!!!!!! Patrice November 7 at 8:09pm / Log in to Reply Danthony Wish I was in.the A ill werk that runway hands down maybe nene will visit LA,CA so I could get my chance to show her what this Big girl is capable of. November 7 at 8:10pm / Log in to Reply Tommielee Welborn Hello! I’m 5″11 and ready to help show the world we curvey girls rock. November 7 at 8:12pm / Log in to Reply Mary Bonis Mrs. Leakes, I am 5’8, 41, curvy and quite fab. I live in Tampa, Fl., so I could always travel to where you would need me.I think you are amazing and truly blessed with many talents. I look forward to your shows and know you will go far in Hollywood. You are an inspiration and I love your no nonsense attitude. Thank you for giving me the strength to stand up for myself. God bless you and your entire family. 🙂 Mary Bonis November 7 at 8:21pm / Log in to Reply Mrs. Teesha Jones OMG I would love to do this! I am a 5 9″ mother and wife with curves;-) Unfortunately I can’t make it to Atlanta that day for the casting:-(. I love/admire your style Nene and look up to you, please consider casting in other states like Michigan or if there’s another in Atlanta at a later date, I will be there with heels on! Congrats on the fab clothing line and everything else happening right now YOU GO GIRL. November 7 at 8:35pm / Log in to Reply Shawna Michelle Higgins-mathews I wish i lived in Ga!! NeNe, you are fabulous!!! November 8 at 1:31am / Log in to Reply civery WOW this is AMAZING! !!! I’m 5’7 in a half without heels….Absolutely LOVE FASHION..A hairstylist as well as salon owner in Columbia SC..I would love to do this..NeNe is my girl!!! I admire you as well as Cynthia. ..Women who are tall, confident, sexy and who DEMANDS attention when you walk in a room..I’m that same chick!!!! ATlanta here I come!!!!! November 8 at 3:46am / Log in to Reply Santasha I would be a great asset to your curvy look and I’m a great age… If interested please contact me at [email protected] November 8 at 4:35am / Log in to Reply dixiediva I am curvy and proportionate, 5’8″ (6′ with heels) and love your style. Representing Mrs.Leakes would be a dream come true, wish I could make it to Atlanta. November 8 at 5:15am / Log in to Reply NudeG I live in NY sorry. November 8 at 5:43am / Log in to Reply Edith Yvonne Polk Mrs Leakes! I’m all you are looking for!!! I’m in Michigan but if I’m called I’ll BORROW the money to get there! I love clothes, shoes and a grand hairstyle!!! I am also a Licensed Esthetician. I want to be a CURVY GIRL!!!:-) November 8 at 7:33am / Log in to Reply rosmarin45 Good Morning Nene I’m not a model or looking to participate but you missing out on models outside Georgia. People should be able to submit a video or pictures. November 8 at 7:36am / Log in to Reply dazylinlin Is there an age limit? 49 going on 30. November 8 at 9:45am / Log in to Reply dimples NeNe didn’t Kandi say the name of her department in her store called Tags will be “Curvy Girls?!!! Just thought i give you a heads up. Don’t want you to be accused of Name jacking. Damn, I’m no longer curvy but svelte or thin, skinny. I just lost all my curves because there wasn’t a fashion line for curvy girls that i would buy. But i still want to support you by checking out your fashion line and passing your website on to my curvy sisters that i meet and family members and also I would like to help sell your line. [email protected] November 8 at 1:09pm / Log in to Reply Belon Hill Hello Nene, I am a plus size model in Ohio I will be in Atlanta the following week (November 22-24th) I would love to have the opportunity to model your clothes. If you could please consider allowing me to come in I promise it would be worth your extra time. You can see some of my work on my Facebook page under Belon Hill Thank you, November 8 at 3:54pm / Log in to Reply CurvyPyt19 Hello NeNe, I live in Maryland, currently 5’7″ size 9 and I wear a size 10 shoe, but too bad I’m only 19… have to say I’m a curvy young lady ! and it would be fabulous if I had the opportunity to model your clothes. November 8 at 5:33pm / Log in to Reply babyskyla8 I love you Nene and I will buy your clothes any day I don’t live in Atlanta I live in Houston Texas. I wish I could meet you I watch you all the time I have curves and a butt I would love to wear your clothes.So please come to Houston with your clothing line. Thank you. Karen Jefferson . November 8 at 6:16pm / Log in to Reply mrs.wright I could not make the audition : ( I am. Not 5, 7 but do have the curves. I am from london , only been in the states for 5 months. But I am so happy there is something for the curvy ladies.. November 9 at 5:52pm / Log in to Reply Bertie Beckwith I am curvy, & fabulous at 59 living in Washington DC . As I am your at work fan, all the time November 9 at 10:02pm / Log in to Reply Erica Slym Weaver Stop looking NeNe here I go!!!!! Lady Slym November 10 at 12:48pm / Log in to Reply kaisha Well I’ll make this short and sweet considering you may never see this. But first off I just wanted to say I wish you continued success. I’m a very proud curvy size 10, 5’7, 30 + year old woman. If even considered it would be an amazing opportunity, considering I live in the Midwest were there’s not much opportunity other then being a blue collared worker. But at the same time this has always and still is a dream of mine, to even be considered would be a dream come true. But if casting situations change, locations change, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks…..blessings November 10 at 10:57pm / Log in to Reply Jessie Scott Hi NeNe!!!! I would be honor to be apart of your fashion line.. I look forward to meeting you and I pray that I’m one of your chosen ones:) take care…much blessing & happiness November 11 at 6:04pm / Log in to Reply Ketta07 Hey NENE I can’t wait to meet u tomorrow.. I was wondering do we need to bring any pictures with us tomorrow?? November 12 at 10:26am / Log in to Reply emaka2009 Coming all the way from Alaska for this!! Why not its NENE!!! The 907 loves you NeNe!! November 13 at 6:26am / Log in to Reply Alice Williams I will be there with bells on, honey… Thx EbbenFlow November 13 at 6:38am / Log in to Reply Model Dee Good luck to the ladies that are auditioning! Go get em ThicChics from Birmingham, Alabama! As a model myself, the only advice that I can give some of you that are posting is to show up at casting, follow their directions and requirements and show them what you got! They know what they want already and they will not chose from these post… If you’re really interested and want to pursue this, find a way to send your portfolio and bio. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL ;- November 13 at 9:31am / Log in to Reply Meiko24 I so admire your drive and dedication in all that you do from your career to your personal life, and you still remain YOU! Grounded and humble in every way. Thank you for inspire me to take chances and to not follow paths but to create them. I am not a professional model but I am a curvy woman whom loves the skin she’s in. I would love the opportunity to be apart of your model search for your new clothing line because I love everything that you stand for and there fore I know I would be apart of something I stand by and believe in. I am located in Detroit, Mi and would like to know if you are doing a search on line or in the Detroit area at all? I wish you the best and I hope to meet you soon. November 13 at 10:24am / Log in to Reply errythah Sorry I missed the audition just now seeing the 3C – Casting Curvy Call. Hopefully you’ll make another call for your ATL sisters and I want miss out again:) Congrats to you & all RHOA on your progression, THANKS! November 13 at 3:03pm / Log in to Reply LovelyStarks Hello Ms. Leaks my name is Lovely I am 34 years beautified, my measurements are 38-34-48, I am out going, sparkling personality, and not scared of life , I am your walking Billboard advertise on me. email [email protected] 2053708618 November 15 at 12:11am / Log in to Reply Loveisluv Harris Sorry I missed the auditions. Up North. Maybe next time November 20 at 9:50am / Log in to Reply Precious Brown Hello NeNe, I’m Precious a full figured SEXY, TALL, CURY DIVA! Smile, Jus was told about you looking for models, si I apologize for late response, BUT! I can promise that u if u seen me u would like what I got to give those fabulous clothes! Smile God Bless always Hope to hear from you! November 22 at 5:53am / Log in to Reply Precious Brown If u like e-mail me so I can send u pics!Thanks in advance November 22 at 5:54am / Log in to Reply