Laetitia Casta

Stunning Laetitia Casta Sex Scene Video

Here is a chick I can really get behind, both literally and figuratively. Laetitia is one hot chick. I mean, her name sounds Latina, but this woman is all French. And of course we love a good French girl. In this movie Gitano, she plays a Flamenco singers wife that’s going behind his back by having a lover. Isn’t it funny how the cheating ones are always the stunning in the movies?


This chick has rocked all of the hair styles. From blonde to brunette to red head, Laetitia can basically pull off anything and still look gorgeous. But really it’s her ass that has us doing a double take. She’s the kind of girl Bloodhound Gang sings about. I’d LOVE to do it doggy style while watching x-files. Ram that shit out of that perfect ass of hers. I think this is an actress that doesn’t get enough recognition. Clearly people need to pay more attention to her so we can see her more girls sponsored