Krysten Ritter

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Nothing appeals like a woman with a jet-black hair, ivory skin. Rosy slips and a killed bikini body that resembles a goddess. Truly Krysten Ritter does not disappoint. Instead representing the modern day Cinderella. She has proved that she will do just anything for her love for art and even if it means losing her laundry. Using modeling as a springboard for acting, she made her screen debut as a model in “Someone like you in 2001.

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Born Krysten Alyce Riter in December 16 1981 is an American Musician, an Actress and a former model. Well known for her role as Jane Margolis on the AMC drama series Breaking Bad. Selfie star Kim Kardashian celebs pics are hard to handle. Also appeared in a number of films such as 27 Dresses in 2008, “She is Out of My League” in 2010 and “Veronica Mars” among many others.


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