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Kristen Dalton is an American actress. She is best known for her role in Departed and Steel of Rain (2017). Kristen is larger in the right places. The former miss U.S.A has a wasp size of waste.

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Withย a sizeable ass and boobs. Her sullen face is full of bitter intelligence and I can only imagine how it would feel fucking her like a Rabbit. Her sexy bikini body and killer side-boobs must have to be the reason she won her titles.

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I can only imagine the sort of man who would vote for those. For a second imagine groping at her opening with your hands crawling into her pussy. Damn.

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Kristen Dalton loves Bikini and you will find so many pictures of her in bikini and oh yes a few while she is topless flashing her sharp nipples. girls that want to fuck on snap
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