Kim Matula

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Kim Matula is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Hope Logan on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful”. I have to be honest, I watched Hope in the Bold and the Beautiful since she was born.

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This makes me feel somewhat wired but oh well. This babe is definitely bold and beautiful as she flaunts her topless body on set in the movie “Dawn Patrol". Why wouldn't she show her boobies anyway?

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When the boobs are firm giving a nice side boob view. Luckily, this babe has a sexy bikini body and watching those rock hard nipples will make you want her so bad.

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However, we don't get to see that tight pussy as the blonde is busy getting some from a probably small dick. Matula can drive any man nuts with a nip slip. Damn!

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Check out photos of her ass especially in the seductive lingerie. Kim Matula is only 31-years old therefore we are still hopeful that we will get photos of that pussy slit in the coming years. live girls sponsored