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Katie McGrath is an Irish actress. Apparently, she had no intention of becoming an actress and studied History in college. But as luck would have it, someone recommended her to try it out while she was working as a wardrobe assistant on the series The Tudors.

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The rest is history and today is she is popularly known for portraying Morgana on the BBC One series Merlin. Like most Irish women, Katie has rather distinctive features. The not so pretty face to the too skinny bikini body. For those who love flesh like me, she's a no-no.

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Anyway, she goes ahead and shows off her full-frontal body exposing her tiny tits. I wouldn't say I love a nip slip of this weird looking lass as I can get myself better busty babes.

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As an actress, it is not a surprise that McGrath appears in explicit sex scenes. She is seen topless with her hard nipples. Moreover the kinky than life actress doesnโ€™t mind showing off her nicely shaved pussy.

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Who fucks this bitch anyway? Katie McGrath is only 36-years old but looks a bit older. All she can really do is give views of her sideboob to gain more attention.
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