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Kate Micucci is an American actress, singer-songwriter, comedian and voice actress. She is best known for her roles in Scrubs and Raising Hope. Kate is not really pretty and is not entirely endowed but the damn girl knows how to take a pussy down. In the lesbian scene from “Easy”, she is seeing with Malin Akerman.

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Both have perky small titties. The brunet is seeing crouching over Merlin’s bare body. Kate viciously spits huge mouthfuls of saliva into Malin’s mouth.

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They fumbled at each other’s breast lathing on to the nipples and sucking greedily. I have to admit if a man had been a fly on the walls of that scene he would never again ask what on earth lesbians did in bed.

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The petite bad girl Kate has a huge collection of pictures where she appears topless showing off her pick sharp nipples. It is rather unfortunate that we are not graced with photos of her pussy slit. Some have gone ahead and imagined her with a small dick for her lesbian lovers.

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