Jodie Foster

Topless Jodie Foster Sex Scene Video

Here is Jodie Foster a woman that needs no introduction. It’d be like introducing Margot Robbie current day celebrity star. To be honest, because this chick has a lot of cinematic history under her belt. Jodie Foster is probably one of the most decorated film veterans of all time. From Silence of the Lambs to Taxi Driver to Freaky Friday, she is a woman with a lot of personalities, making you wonder just how freaky she really is. Whether it’s her older stuff or how she is now, these photos of Jodie Foster are sure to satisfy.

Revealing Jodie Foster Tits & Ass Photos

I mean, back in the day and today, Jodie Foster has always been somewhat or a sex symbol. Never afraid to bare all, Jodie has done her fair share of sex scenes for movies. So of course it came naturally to take photos like these. I mean, what is even the difference, am I right? But really, she’s one fit MILF, with a sexy fit body and boobs that make you want to hold on tight. I mean, I wouldn’t say her ass is anything special but I’d fuck her for sure.


Whether she’s your cup of tea or not, you have to appreciate the confidence and sexy appeal Jodie Foster offers. These pictures are awesome and will be waiting for you any time you want to see them.

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