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Jessica Rose (Sheers) is a British Glamour model and a social media influencer. She is a star of the reality series “Love Island”. We all know you can hardly make it in the model industry unless you are beautiful and have a luscious bikini body.

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Well, that’s the case of Rose as she`s super lustful and has a spank-able ass that will turn anyone on. I always wonder why some celebrities make sex tapes when you know everyone out here is thirsty to find any dirt on you.

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A whole lot of perverts want to see those lovely boobs and brown nipples. Damn! Check out the photos uploaded online of her shaved pussy and a video of her pussy slit getting teased.

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I say teased because the dick she was playing with is small, if only she asked for my massive dick. I shove it right in that tight little pussy fuck hole of hers and leave it stretched out for a day.

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Jessica Rose is gorgeous, there is no denying that. The luscious slut is only in her 20's and has more years to entertain us with photos of her nipple slip.
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