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Jessica Pare is a 38-year old Canadian actress and singer. Most people probably know her for her role in the series “Mad Men” as Megan Draper. Many words can be used to describe Pare and lustful is not one of them. In the movie “Intriguing Tub Time Machine” we are honored to see her topless showing off her huge saggy boobies.

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Watching it makes you want yourself bathtub sex as you play with her rock hard nipples. As an actress, many agree to participate in sensual sex scenes to be recognized. Well, as they say, sex sells right?

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It is rather disappointing that in all her act we are not privileged enough to see that pussy. The black-haired girl seems like she has gone through a lot seeking fame by the number of times she has appeared in sex scenes.

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Unfortunately, the actors are probably the only ones able to see her pussy slit or should I say dig deep in her. We all know some of these scenes they actually do it to make it seem real right?

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All in all, at her age we appreciate the efforts of Jessica Pare trying to please us, hopefully, in the coming years, she will decide to show us more than her side boob. Although, we appreciate her parading her bikini body on the beaches with her tiny ass.
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