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Jessica Chastain pics rock and is a household name, for sure. With her roles in The Martian, The Help, Interstellar, and her upcoming role in Miss Sloane, she has proven she is a great actress. So it won’t be surprising that these photos of her are extra luscious. I mean, when you can act as well as that, it doesn’t take a lot to put on a luscious face for pics like these, ya know? Plus, everyone loves a good red head, and the curtains match the drapes, if ya feel me.

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Who doesn’t love a woman who can play many types of roles in life? Funny, serious, luscious, angry. These are all traits I like in a woman, and clearly Jessica is all of that. Such a fiery woman, I’d love to play with her all night. With a body like that, how could you deny that kind of activity? I mean, seriously. Her body is amazing. She’s got an ass from the gods, and her tits are super awesome. I’m sure a number of men would love to bang that pussy, if given the chance.


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