Jenna Lewis

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Jenna Lewis is an American reality show contestant. She is best known for having participated in series “Survivor Borneo and All-Stars”. Why make a sex tape if you are not willing to share it with the world? That is the case with Jenna and her Ex-husband.

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An explicit sex tape was leaked of her full frontal as she was busy getting some exposing her tiny boobies with rock hard nipples. It is said that Lewis and her husband leaked it themselves for popularity and to sell them.

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Well, we don’t care, as long as we got to see that hairy pussy. As you will notice, Jenna isn’t really attractive. It only makes sense that she will be willing to expose her bare ass just for money and fame.

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At least we got to see that pussy slip. Jenna Lewis is only 41-years old but looks like she is past her 50s. For some people they might find her attractive, it all depends on how much her nip slip captures your attention. live girls sponsored