Janet Montgomery

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Janet Montgomery is a British actress. She is best known for her role as Jennie in the television series “Entourage”. It is not a surprise that we are able to see her full frontal body in the cast as Mary Sibley in the series “Salem”.

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Well, with a bikini body like hers, all she needs is some young blood to pound her so hard. Going topless in sex scenes doesn’t seem to be a big deal to her exposing her erected nipples I would like to suck.

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Perhaps if you are into oral then licking it if you're a girl on girl type. I mean this celeb just really turns me on with those awesome boobs and cute ass. The gorgeous babe has a quite small ass but it is definitely spankable. Janet has been in so many sex scenes that it is not hard to get her photos and videos online. Apparently, she wants us to notice her side boobs but doesn’t give us a chance to see her pussy slit.

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Janet Montgomery is only 33-years old. And we already have a collection of her pics showing more than just a nipple slip. It has been almost a couple of years since we last see her full frontal. But I am prepared to add more in my gallery pretty soon. live girls sponsored