Jane Fonda

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Jane Fonda is an American actress, a fitness guru, fashionista, writer and a political activist. Throughout her lifetime, she has received several accolades thanks to her mad acting skills. Being the daughter of a former actor and a socialite mother, it is right to say acting is in her genes.

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There is no denying that Jane was a sight to admire back in the day. Today, she is the true definition of Age can be cruel. Her sexy bikini body is now gone and all that is left is a weak frail body structure. The cute smile that kept men drooling for her is now gone and all that is left is a painful old grin. She is old and no longer has those sturdy boobs and sharp nipples.

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Going back some decades back, she was the real deal. She was never shy of showing off her goodies. The actress appeared topless in a number of sexually explicit scenes. She has even ridden a dick on some of her movies. Now you understand why she won so many accolades then right?

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Lest we forget are the red carpet event where she once had a nipple slip and Oh Lord those see me through dresses that she is to wear. It’s funny how age catches up with people and in a split second, their lives change.

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Jane Fonda might be old but who said she can’t have some dick even now. It is in the blood and under the skin of women to love some good dick. And who are we to withhold the addictive destructive drug they crave for so badly? live girls sponsored