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Jaqueline Byers is a Canadian actress. She began her acting career training at Queen’s University in Ontario Canada. At first, the gorgeous thing was performing on stage before she went to the screen. Relatively new to the small screen, Byers went ahead to make her name for herself.

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She is popular for her role as Nora Bryce in the series “Salvation”. The blonde actress-enjoying going topless even in movies.

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In the TV “Roadies”, we get to see her flaunting her bikini body and exposing those small boobs. I love her nipples.

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If you are into lustful bikini bodies, then this one is not for you. Her masculine features will probably send some women wanting to grind that pussy. According to people like me who love a big ass, her flat ass will disappoint you.

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She should get surgery to modify her booty and tits if I should say. Jaqueline Byers needs to find lessons on how to keep her bikini body luscious. That would make it easier for us to visualize how her wet pussy slit would feel like when banging.
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