Ingrid Garcia Jonsson

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Ingrid Garcia Jonsson is the best definition for beauty with brains. She is a Swedish actress with a degree in architecture. Prior to becoming an actress she was waiting tables.

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She is best known for her roles in independent films. The first film she featured in was “Hermosa Juventud” which gave her a breakthrough in the acting industry.

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However, let’s not blow it out of proportion. Ingrid is not that beautiful. She doesn’t have killer looks and definitely not very much endowed. Her body can’t pass for a sexy bikini body. The ass is flat and doesn’t have curves.

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However, did you see her tits? Her tits are beautiful. They are round with sharp nipples. This Swedish babe also gave us a chance to catch a glimpse of her beautiful pussy in the Spanish film “Beautiful Youth”.

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It’s nicely shaved with protruding pussy lips. Ingrid Garcia Jonsson might not be sexy but is still fuckable and ready to get her ass rammed by a big dick. live girls sponsored