Imogen Thomas

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Imogen Thomas is a popular Welsh Television personality. She also does modeling. The brunette is popularly known for winning Miss Wales 2006 and also featured on the 4th reality television show “Big Brother “.

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Unlike most models who appear petite, Imogen is rather thick with a sexy bikini body. Of course, she is not shy to pose topless exposing her natural boobies with rock hard nipples. Apparently, she ended up doing a boob job, but who cares? They still look gorgeous on her.

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Imogen is thick and sexy. Welp…. As they say, thick is the new thin. While most models are petite and would most of the time struggle to show off their sexy curves, this beautiful Welsh model is all-natural.

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She loves showing off her bikini body at the beach and we have a curated list of some of her very sexy images. Did I tell you beauty is her genetic code? Her mother just like her is beautiful and thick with nice sets of boobies.

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