Iliza Shlesinger

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Now this chicks name “Iliza Shlesinger ass” is a total mouthful, but we know you’ve heard of her. Super funny and super hot, this chick won Last Comic Standing in 2008, making her, hands down, one of the funniest women in Hollywood. Since then, she has taken over television with her funniness and, let’s be honest, her extremely good looks. Like funny and insanely hot? Someone blessed you with some good genes. And these photos just make us even more hot for her.

Iliza Shlesinger Topless & Ass Photos

Probably the first thing to note about Iliza is her blonde hair. I mean, I’ve got a thing for blondes (like many men I’m sure) but hers just looks so great on her. Then we have her tits. I didn’t know tits could be as good as they are on her. Like, her body is so fit and tiny, but her tits are huge. Then to sum it all up, her ass is insane. She’s got a super fit body with thick thighs and a big ass. She’s clearly been eating her protein and working out. Squat, baby, squat!  


Iliza Schelsinger may not have an easy to pronounce name, but she is sure super smoking hot. These pictures were a breath of fresh air in the porn world, and we hope you enjoyed girls sponsored