Helena Christensen

Hot Helena Christensen Topless Pics at The Beach

Helena Christensen is a Danish supermodel and an eye candy photosgrapher. She is best known as a former Victoria Secret model. The former beauty queen is popular with our fathers. She is very popular during their days.

Sexy Vacation Photos of Helena Christensen By Paparazzi

Some old chaps still wanks in their gutted sheds over her pictures. Her beauty was outstanding then and her bikini body was a sight to behold. Today, she just hit 50 years.

Helena Christensen Revealed Her Perky Nipples in See-Through Shoot

The former model is definitely not in my list of MILF but rumors have it that she like it young.

Cute Helena Christensen Bikini Pictures Exposed

However, let’s give credit where it’s due, she has some nice sets of titties. I am saying this as a fact. About two years ago she bared her sexy bikini body for all to see as she took an outdoor shower showing off her side boobs. During a recent paparazzi leak, we get to see her full frontal while she takes a shower at the beach. I can guarantee you that her stiff ass alone will leave you amazed and wanting to spank. She also has a clean shaved pussy. Even at her age, Helena Christensen still makes heads turn when she walks.live girls sponsored