Heather Paige Cohn

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Heather Paige Cohn is a Georgian actress. She is best known for her role in the film ‘Alpha House’ as Kelly Kramer. The brunet is a perfect mixture of African American and Caucasian making her beautiful and sexy woman with a very attractive face. Sure she is not as famous as Heather Morris or Heather Graham among celebrities. However as gorgeous this woman is should be top on the list.

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Oh boy, this Mamacita is perfect in every way. Tall in height and flaunting an irresistible bikini body which augers well with her sexy figure. As expected, movie directors have ensured that she appears on explicit sex scenes on set. Of course Montana Fishburn sex tape resembles her a little. This is one of those evil moves directors use to get us glued to the screens. It worked.

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Good thing, our sexy celeb gives us more than we bargained for. She flaunts her big bouncy boobs and pink nipples on the screens. Like many African American women, Heather has big boobs like Cardi B bouncing around on her chest. For those who love big busts, this is your lucky day.

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Too bad she is not as thick as we expected and doesn’t give us a chance to get a sneak peek of her wet pussy. However, there is a video of her getting her wet pussy sucked her moan is a total turn on.

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Heather Paige Cohn we are still looking forward to seeing more from her empowering sexy body and future movies. live girls sponsored