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With a name like Greta Scacchi lustful scene video, is a real blessing this chick is insanely fucking pretty. And she’s even lustfulter in The Coca-Cola Kid. This Australian Rom Com about a soda executive looking to expand his empire to bum fuck no where runs into lustful Greta the secretary and gets it on. I mean, can you blame him?

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Now there is something about her big curly hair that gets me lustful and heavy. Chicks just don’t have perms anymore, and it’s a real shame. And paired with a body like hers? Lean back and shoulders, great tits, tight pussy that you can tell she enjoys getting fucked, and an ass asking to be cupped. I’m truly a fan looking to get a piece of that action.


I stand by her name being absolutely terrible. But when it’s that weird, of course she’s gonna make it big. It probably helps that she’s Italian-Australian actress.

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