Geena Davis

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Virginia Elizabeth “Geena” Davis is an American actress and activist. She is famous for her roles in Thelma & Louise and Stuart Little. Davis is also known for her involvement in advocacy for women in the industry. Geena is no stranger to flaunting her goodies. The last time she gave us a view of her glorious boobs were on an episode of GLOW.

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The actress wore a showgirl costume that awed everyone's onset and offset. But let us be honest my good people. Is she really beautiful? I totally disagree. Perhaps this is the reason why she constantly flaunts her assets is to hide that fact.

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Either way, as long as her ass looks great and her pussy is fuckable every other minor detail can be overlooked. All in all, Davis is an amazing woman with a great personality and that’s what I find most admirable about her. live girls sponsored