Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Topless & Ass Pictures

Julia Robert’s niece, Emma Roberts, has been rocking the television and cinematic scene for ages. From her roles as a child on Nickelodeon shows to her super sexy, bitch roles in Scream Queens and American Horror Story, Emma Roberts has made a name for herself in the minds of many. Personally, I just can’t even begin to describe how hot she is. With an attitude through the roof, her body and body language make me just want to pounce. These pictures aren’t any different.

Hot Emma Roberts Nipples and Bikini Body Revealed

Now they say blondes have more fun, but we also know they can be a little crazy sometimes. Mean Girls style. Emma Roberts just like Emma Stone definitely gives off that vibe. She’s got that fit, skinny body, perfect blonde hair, sexy little ass that she doesn’t mind showing off on a normal day, and those legs that seem to go for days, even though she’s only 5’2”. But the real great thing about Emma Roberts is her pussy. Only in her mid-20’s, her vagina is tight and perfect. Makes us want to get right in there and show her how it’s done.


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