Elsa Pataky

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Elsa Pataky is a Spanish model, film producer, and actress. She is best known for her role as Elena Neves in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Guys went wacky for this lass the moment she became a regular on Spanish television on series such as Tio Willy and Al Salir de Clase.

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Sadly, guys, this beautiful thing is already taken by the demigod Thor. Yes, Chris Hemsworth snagged this hottie and claimed him for his own in 2010. They’re both lucky to have each other. Can you even imagine the mad sex? Indeed.

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She speaks several languages which makes her even perfect for fucking. And she has no problem with showing her tits, pussy, and ass, like in almost every movie she has been in. Too perfect. Enjoy the lovely pictures below, guys. Now that she’s a mom, she might not be doing any more NSFW scenes although she might surprise us with something down the road.

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