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Ellen Page

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Sexy Ellen Page Full Titties

Sometimes when you’re watching a movie, there will be a character that doesn’t really ooze sex appeal. They act kind of awkward, they dress kind of normal, and they make you feel a little more real. They aren’t the Angelina Jolie’s, but the everyday woman, and you can’t help but fall for them. That’s how I feel about Ellen Page. While super hot and cute AND a lesbian, Ellen Page is a subdued Hollywood actress, covering her stunning good looks with modesty and awkwardness. And we’re dying to get a better look!

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Hot Body Pics of Ellen Page!

Very rarely do we see Ellen-Page Bare all, unless you count Into the Forest, so seeing these photos is such a treat. Our Juno teenager and Inception co-star goes from covered up to completely celebs! Who knew Ellen Page had an ass that good? I mean, you could always tell she was fit, but that ass is super tight and perfect. And she’s not a big girl, but her tit size is spectacular, especially considering her height. She’s literally got the perfect body and we wish she would show it off more often.


Ellen Page is such a little brunette beauty, and we can’t believe how incredibly sexy these photos are. I don’t know about you, but I’ll happily look at these again.

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