Elizabeth Gillies

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Elizabeth Gillies hot leaked pictures, though, seems to be one of the chicks that did judging by these photos. Disney Channel is known for putting out good wholesome stars to name a few Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Ashley Tisdale and they always end up flashing their tits and ass for movie sex scenes. Nickelodeon however, never seems to get the same sexy girls treatment and the looks of it they all are hot as fuck and get celebs. It’s as if who cares what those kids act like because they are not part of the Franchise. Maybe that’s why so few of them fall out of line.

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This star of the show Victorious played a bad ass bitch Victoria Justice with a serious attitude problem. She sang, she danced, and she caused problems within their little clique. Everyone always loved Ashley, but it was Elizabeth Gillies that was the stunning. And how could you disagree. I mean just look at that ass. Holy cow, this girl is only 23 and that ass is better than any woman’s pussy I’ve ever seen. I mean, she must have done a ton of squats. And like we could talk about her tits and pussy, but do you see her eyes? They are speaking to me like celebs sirens and I am ready to drown just to get to her.  


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