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My oh my, sometimes you forget how lustful a chick was when she was younger. Diane Lane private home made porn video is just so hot you gonna cum! Besides that now days she is a total MILF now. She is still pretty today as Diane was fucking gorgeous back in the day. And you best believe she was kind of a slut. I mean, how else could a woman play a luscious as fuck stripper wife that’s fucking a dude with a girlfriend? Classy chicks can’t easily play those parts. She co-stared with Anne Hathaway and pretty much ran laps around these young actresses.

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Now she's playing a stripper so you know those clothes are coming off. And Diane, girl looks great in a skin tight dress but she looks even better celebs. Those tight, perky tits and that amazing ass. Of course she'd be picked to play a manipulative stripper. I put so many ones in her g-string.

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To say I'd fuck her is an understatement. Young Diane Lane is what I look for in a woman today. Nude, curvy, and crazy. Sign me up.

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