Charlotte Flair

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Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr is an American Professional Wrestler, Author and actress. The bombshell is currently signed to WWE where she performs under the ring name Charlotte Flair. What most of you are probably unaware from other wrestler girls such as Paige. Is that Charlotte Flair is the daughter of wrestling legend Rick Flair no wonder that ass and amazing sexy nipples on her body.

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The blonde wrestler has huge boobs that even make ladies wish they had a body like hers. She has never been afraid of flaunting them in public even when her hard nipples are protruding from beneath her top.

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She has always called herself genetically superior due to her bikini body but and killer body size. But her sleek sculpted ass is actually due to her hard work ethic and dedication to training and diet.

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Her side boobs are not that bad but wait till you see her clean shaved pussy. The 31 year old Charlotte has always been an object of admiration in the ring just like Alexa Bliss blonde goddess. And so we bring you exclusive exotic photos of this sexy wrestler. live girls sponsored