Carla Quevedo

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Carla Quevedo is an Argentine actress and designer. She is popularly known for her role in the film’ The Secret in the Eyes’. In which she played Lilian Coloto. The beautiful Argentinian actress is not strange to the tube. And has appeared severally topless in movies. Latina singer Selena Gomez wishes to have her sexy curves! She does not seem to mind to take a swim while being filmed without a bathing suit. Just look at those perky pokies and hard nipples on her.

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She is gorgeous with beautiful tits. That she seems to have a challenge keeping them in their bras. Armed with round sexy tits and sharp nipples she appeared as a rich boy’s maid full frontal. Baring nothing at all in the film just having fun swimming around without cloth.

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This scene had so many of us jerking off thanks to her sexy bikini body. As well that damn beautiful round ass. She further went ahead and appeared shagging some guy in El Hiptonizador. Also in the movie Pasaje de Vida.

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Carla Quevedo has no limits when it comes to her body. She will even let you touch her pussy as far as money exchanges hands. I mean just look at the booty on this girl with that tramp-stamp tattoo. Telling every guy she dates to fuck her hard doggy style. live girls sponsored