Brittany Murphy

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Brittany Murphy was an American actress and singer. She is best known for her role as Tai Frasier in the film Clueless(1995). The person who said dead people tell no tales. Must have been wrong as Brittany’s stories is still well written on these walls. People keep searching the internet for this hot-bodied blonde heartthrob. She reminds of sexy ass Dakota Fanning little beauty.

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She also has a sexy bikini body and a daring, brash sexual side. As shown in the torrid make-out with Eminem in the kinetic 8 Mile (2002). Brittany licks her fingers, then rubs her clit to have sex easier. This girl knows how to have sex you can tell by body language in the sex scene.

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The former actress has a face where a lascivious leer is as equally at home as a sweet smile of seduction. A tight, bulging, highly mobile pair of butt orbs that are continually showcased in clinging, sheer fabrics. Round boobies that hang closely to her chest with protruding sharp nipples.

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The bikini-clad splits-and-all pole dancing of Spun (2002). Also the lace-encased hyper-jiggle of Sin City (2005). Sadly Brittany Murphy succumbed to pneumonia at the age of 32 in December of 2009. Our sincere respect for this beauty. live girls sponsored