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Betty Gilpin Intriguing Tits and Ass Picture Collection

Betty Gilpin luscious big titties Netflix series star, is definitely the new American sex symbol. She is known to feature in the series Glow and yes her skin glows just like her name suggests. Thanks to her not so skinny ass Betty Gilpin has always been a center of attention in the show. Too bad just like her character suggests, that she is a sucker for good sex.

Nipples & Pussy of Betty Gilpin Unrevealed

In the few scenes, Betty has featured, that she is not shy to show her firm bikini body and those amazing tits that come with it. This is so disappointing considering most perverts would have expected something better like some pussy lip slip or something. But it’s true, not all that glitters can be gold. But hey, don’t be heartbroken, we can still have some lustful legs and ass to drool over. Gilpin is indeed blessed with rich milk bags.

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