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Hold the phone ladies and gentlemen, because your early 2000 dreams are about to come true. You remember that spunky, kind of emo chick Avril Lavigne? Don’t lie, you wanted to fuck her, with that scene fashion sense and all that eye makeup. Avril stood for teenage rebellion and rocked the shit out of your emotions. She was every mans hot fantasy and every chicks anthem writer. So if you thought she was hot then, check out these photos now.

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Avril Lavigne got caught by paparazzi in Mexico hot beach with her friends totally celebs and it was confirmed in the news as well few years back, so here ya go all your Avril’s fantasy fetishes come true.

Avril never wanted to make things complicated. She’s an easy girl, if you know what I mean. And she sings about it, too, so no guessing there. Avril always had the sexiest body reminds me of Cuoco actress that look similar, with small tits that worked well for her, and an ass that called out your name every time you saw it. Fit as hell, she looked ready for fucking. But what really made her appealing is her fuck it attitude. Like, I’ll fuck you. Thanks for being so low key and down to earth, Avril. You’re the dream girl!

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