Ashley Wagner

U.S Olympian Figure Skater Ashley Wagner poses for  ESPN The Magazine.

We all loved watching hot Olympic figure skaters prance around in tight uniforms pulling off those dazzling shows. Have you ever wish you could see their juicy skank ass while they’re figure skating? Well, you can now because we found undressed pics of sexy Ashley Wagner’s perfect body. She spreads those sexy legs wide open for use while showing that tight juicy ass of hers.

Ashley Wagner Exposes Tits & Ass on Naughty Pics

Ashley Elisabeth Wagner, born May 16, 1991, began skating at the age of five in Alaska. She won her first bronze medal in the 2008-2009 Junior Worlds under the coaching of Priscilla Hills; after going through Dody Teachman and Shirley Hughes. As an adult, she won her first gold medal in 2011-2012 Four Continents Figure Skating Championship (4CC) annual competition. From then on she won numerous other 1 place medals while continuing to figure skate to this day.


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