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Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas also known as Ashanti is an American Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, and actress. She has been keeping it low since the generation of the likes of Cardi B became relevant with today’s generation. But lucky enough, paparazzi reports make sure we are abreast with what is going on in some of these ex celebrities’ lives.

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This ebony vixen was photosgraphed at the beach enjoying the sun and surf. In the tiniest yellow bathing suit, showing off her bikini body and looking yummy. The colorful thong perfectly frames her amazing plump ass and her perky tits. Her nipples look amazing in the tiny bikini top. Just a few days ago. She had some shows and played all her old songs. First of all, her booty is over sized right now like Amber Rose that is way naughtier then her..

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She is fucking 38 years old and her booty was all over the stage. Don’t get me wrong. Ashanti is fine as hell, but it's sad that she would feel the need to wear clothes like that to stay in the spotlight. It exposed her pussy with a crazy cameltoe.

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As much as I like Ashanti and her music. No even Rihanna needs to call it day her career is practically over or if not hanging by a thread.

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There’s nothing new to expect from her. These are moments when washed up so called celebrities don't know when to stop with cleavage. Ashanti is seen arriving in tight clothing revealing her chest and big boobs. If you like black celebrities then you gotta see Halle Berry ultimate photos collection! live girls sponsored