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Anllela Sagra is a fitness model and sponsored athlete from Colombia. She is popular for winning multiple figure competitions in 2010. And for her candid sultry looks. The 22 year old has the sexiest body I have ever seen, for a girl her age. That ass on her with a natural pair of tits she is such a temptation.

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Anllela Sagra likes showing off her abs and this includes pressing hard on her tits. To bring out a perfect round boobies. With two perky protruding of her nipples. It is not easy finding her topless online but we have made sure that we gathered her sexiest pictures to feed all your carnal thirst. And here we present her before and after photos of her bare ass and revealing pussy selfie. Clearly this was before she got to be a another famous fitness Instagram slut.
ANLLELA SAGRA exposed her pussy before becoming a workout addict. Great before and after if you ask me!

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Her body is definitely out of control but to forget that she always has her side boob open in most of her pictures is definitely a big crime.

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With the intention of furthering her career as a fashion model, Anllela has made sure she has left men drooling for her body. She is the perfect sex appeal lady with a hot and amazing bikini body.

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She has incredible abs that could make imagine how she be riding on top of you. Then the butt has everything Jennifer Lopez used to offer. She is definitely killing the butt game. live girls sponsored