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She has definitely stuffed her stuff in other sexy roles in movies. Like Land of the Lost, the Second skin. Where she leaves us drooling for more of that Emma Watson fine ass. Then there was CSI Miami and Las Vegas among many others. In most of her past movies she definitely kept her can as undercover until she went out all freaky and sexy in Chemistry and Femme Fatales.

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Ana Alexander is a Serbian-American actress, producer, fashion model and a comic book creator. She is popular for having featured in the X rated series Chemistry and quickly quit after the first season due to the excessive amount of nudity demanded for the character she was playing.

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If you have watched Chemistry, I bet you have already seeing the scene where she goes on top of a guy in bed as she reaches for a pair of handcuffs to put him on. He then lays back and the gorgeous Ana kneels between his legs as she goes down on him before rolling over and lying next to him.
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In another scene this guy grabs her butt before smashing her wet pussy while sucking her perky nipples. We also watch the guy going down and sucking the juice down there. She is exhausted as fuck and rises up with her insane side boobs in full glare.

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Ana Alexander making out with a guy in an empty movie theater, pulling her pants off and showing her bare butt as she climbs into the guy's lap. The guy unbuttons her shirt and pulls her breasts free from her bra as she rides him. They continue to have sex until the usher interrupts them.
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